aris' thoughts
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2001-10-29 13:33:35 (UTC)

not fretting

needing lots more coffee this morning, my Mistress has
ordered me stop fretting over all the disturbance around me
so i am not dwelling on the situation anylonger, i trust my
Mistress, and know things will be handled. hubby never took
me out yesterday was really expecting it to happen this way
in first place so oh well his lost. the children are fine,
both had a marverlous time at their parties yesterday. all
else is fine here too. my Mistress continues doctors
appointments this week and i cant help but to ask each time
if someone is going with Her. i dont know what i could do
about it if She ever says no but am glad Mistress has
support in Her family, something i am not used to at home.
Her hubby is officially moved back in with Her and from
what i have heard that seems to be going very well for
Mistress....smiles, thank goodness. Mistress discussed a
couple of new rules for me last night, and again Her girl
was glowing. guess just the reminder of how much my
Mistress loves me made me feel safe and secure, loved. i am
thankful for all the rules my Mistress sets for me and
ironically when new ones pop up it doesnt make me feel
badly but warm and happiness... i know its odd and i cant
say why , rules have never made me feel this before but am
glad they do now and it makes me want to follow them so
much more not only to please Mistress but knowing they are
set for me by love invites me to love each and everyone of
them, and i do,..... thank You my Mistress

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