screw up
2001-10-29 10:24:53 (UTC)


So jus as an is wut i use for the word
f*ck. So F*cker=eater, F*cking=eating, etc.

So today eaten sucked. or it didnt suck but i was jus
stressed and unhappie, but it doesnt mean that it sucked.
i woke up and i could hear mai pager going off, th page was
from my fren jason he paged at four-thirty in the
mourning, "06177-57339-78"watched "Coming To America" the
movie with Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy. Any way after at
about 11am i got out of bed and ate breakfast that my mom
made. Sunday morning breakfast. As i ate my breakfast and
watched some more T.V. i saw my dad go
upstairs, "Michael!!" my dad sounded pissed, my brother
went upstairs and my dad yelled at him, probly for his room
being messy. wait igots to go

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