screw up
2001-10-29 09:53:53 (UTC)

stuff you should read before reading other stuff

jus to let you knoe, im a prettie normal person go to
skool, have tons of friends, good grades, a complete
imediate family, and most people who see me think i'm
either a prepy person or a stoner, i dont know how you
could get thoes two from one persons profile. so ne ways...
i wanted an online journal cuz i figuer i dont really want
people to know who i am but i want to let be people knoe
how i am and i want to find people like me, who think like
me and if they think like me then theyre looking for me as
well. I also like to write it's my only way of venting,
besides beating up on myself, dont worry i'm to weak rite
now to actually hurt myself. i knoe if you choose to read
my entries you'll want to slap me for being such a whinny,
spoiled, hypicritical(gees dont even knoe if thats a real
word), bitchy, selfish, arrogant, lazy, unhelpful, good for
nothing, self involved, (i knoe theres like 20 times more
than this but mai mind doesnt seem to be working), player.
and i appologize a head of time for it. and feel free to
halla, bitch, say hi, scream, yell, etc. at me when ever
you want to, e-mail me or catch me on AIM(AOL Instant
Messenger) my sn is Mong420.