2001-10-29 07:40:14 (UTC)


got a lot of practice today. Got up early for breakfast
with Henri and Drew at Ice Queen. Got high with Travis and
Drew listening to a CD of the Kronos October 20, 2001.
Dropped off Drew, wathced Bonoko, talked about being
connected to everything - he said something that reminded
me of Jade (Aurora Boreialis) and I told him so. His first
response was "where is she?" - I said "Victoria" - and
said "well what the fuck are you doing here". I found it
odd for him to say that with only the knowledge that I knew
a girl named Jade that I connect well with (ie above
topic) and said where she lived - that being the full
extent of what he knows about her - and he had such a
confident authority in his tone asking why I'm over here
still! Weird - I dunno what to think.

I'm still high....