Garden of Stones
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2001-10-29 07:39:24 (UTC)

He's one bad mutha... im only talkin' 'bout Oct 29!

Today(well yesterday since its like 3 am in the morning) I
spent the day at my girlfriends house in Danvers.
Unfortunately I didn't get drunk or stoned or anything...
But, suprisingly, I finally truly kissed Terri. We held
each other on her bed and I felt her up and shit. Im really
frustrated sexually, since the last time I had a chance to have sex
(but didn't, thank god)was with
this girl named Kathy, who is long gone. The reason why we
didn't do anything else was because there was like three
other people in the room. Jessica, Melanie, and this fag
named Brian was there. God I hate Brian. He is the biggest
wigger i have ever seen in my life. He knows Terri longer
than I have, and since I have very low self esteem and many
insecurities I always think there is something there
between them. I get so pissed off sometimes that I take it
out on myself, since there is nothing else I can do about
it, so I burned my left arm with a cigarette... on Saturday
I cut my left wrist with a knife in Terri's bathroom. I
know it's ridiculous to do shit like that, but I always
feel like there is no other way of solving shit(even though
that doesn't solve it either). Well anyway, I'm learning
how to play guitar and I practiced in my room for like an
hour like an hour ago... I have nothing else to write so
I'll say goodbye for now...