De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-10-29 07:35:41 (UTC)

Knock One Down

Monday 29/10/2001

Today was my sociology paper... and my first exam here...
it was pretty relax..we are allowed to bring food into the
exam hall provided they don't stink too much or rustle too
much... it was a nice change from the cold humungous exam
hall NUS was... instead my exam is in a small LT... we just
hadta enter the LT and report with our student ID card...
then we are free to sit whereever we wanted...of course,
the papers were carefully positioned such that we are not
able to copy ...

it was a nice surprise when i saw the exam
questions..turned out that i did an essay very similar to
the question in the paper! so i basically reproduced my
essay : )

the next section was exactly what me, prem , sahu and YL
discussssed last nite! it was great! so hopefully, i wrote
enough about that : )

went up to luke's after the paper for some serious sam.. we
got into a new level we'll be able to clear the
game soon!

dinner was great, it was tandoori chicken with apple
strudle for dessert...yummy!!!

after dinner, YL and SY came over to view my birthday
photos / BBQ photos..they were great photos! hehe ..we also
watched michael jackson's new video , downloaded by DJ...
not too bad..

well, 1 down 3 more to go! plus one stinky essay to finish
by wednesday...

still feelin happy about the paper... 15 minutes to supper!
poppin over soon.... catch ya later...