2001-10-29 07:09:49 (UTC)

this diary thing

man i don't even know what's up with this whole diary. it
seems like its just a waste of time sometimes. like i can't
vent enough to even help myself out. and man... it's not
even fun anymore because i write in here like once every
two weeks or so and i never get any responses. i guess its
boring no one is even reading this. but o well i totally
agree. i am boring. maybe its because i don't have a snazzy
little name. o well. this sucks tho. i guesss ill just
keep writing over and over and over for whatever reason
besides actually having people respond. i guess i don't
really want to talk about my life. o yea. its so weird. i
have a "best friend" sometimes i don't even think she is
one, but i've known her since i was young and i guess she
is the person i am closest to... even though she lives like
two hours away. well the last time i spoke with her was...
in july. and barely spoke with her on friday (10/26). well
man it was definitely weird but i was so happy. i mean i
totally misread the situation and i was such a dumby (sp?).
but o well what happened is something i can't change. but i
am just stoked cause now i know things are cool. this is
really confusing but o well cause no one is reading this