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2001-03-15 19:22:45 (UTC)

3rd Diary Entry as Written on..

3rd Diary Entry as Written on Friday November 3,1995 @ 3 PM

I've been busy lately with going to the fair and all-I
haven't really had too much of a chance to write in here.
But not all that much is happening except the fair that I
went to. I went last thursday and Yesterday- first time
with Tracy Ranck and the second time with Stefanie
It's been ten months sence I stopped smoking-But when
Stef. started smoking yesterday at the fair- I felt like I
wanted to too. I didn't because I'm trying to fight it.
but its very,very,very hard! I hope noone reads anytime
soon what I just said in the last paragraph.


4Th Diary Entry as Written on Tuesday, Nov. 7th 1995

Well, Sister Gore wanted me too write down my feelings
and doings- so well here I go- Even though it might be bad
(espically for a churchgirl)
I took two cigerretts out of a pack and hid them in my
room --for when that urge comes along. I hate that urge but
I get all shaky and everything.
I haven't smoked any yet! I'm trying to push it too a
year but I don't know if I'll last a whole year!
God Help ME!


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