Puzzling out my life
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2001-10-29 07:05:50 (UTC)

another wonderful night on the town

Brenden called earlier, and asked me to visit him, aka:
pick him up from work, since his tranny is still shot and
he hasnt got the money to replace it yet. I ended up
staying over there for a while, against my better judgement
and the fragrant call of dinner, which I am now eating,
cold. When I got home there were no messages on my machine,
other than the one that Scott left a week ago, and I
haven't wanted to erase, because I like to hear his voice
every once in a while. I then realized, no one has really
called me all week. The only messages I've gotten were from
my sister saying that she was sick, and Brenden, wanting a
ride home. I hadn't realized before that my whole life
revolved around Scott. The only real reason I've been
wanting to call him is out of habit. Or maybe there were
other reasons. Like I miss him. But I digress. I need to
find some sort of real life, or at least the semblence of
one.The worst part of it is that the high point of my day
was going to costco. Or maybe the part where my phone

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