Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-10-29 06:23:10 (UTC)

great saturday at least!

Ok, so last night I went to drink at my friend Erica's
place. We drank a few then headed out to the bars. All we
really did there was dance in an extremely packed
dancefloor! I almost passed out from being dehydrated from
the night before! so I didn't drink much but shooters... I
met Erica's roomates, they are pretty cool actually!... So
we left the bars and drove home! Which I had some kind of
urge to write details, but I don't!

I just found Chance on ICQ, I added him but the fucker
isn't answering me back! man, I dunno what to do anymore.
If I don't end up with him, I'll be super peeved!

Last night, my roomate Celeste, came home on E! Now this
is suprising to the rest of us, cuz she is sooo against
drugs! But we kept her company for a few hours and made
her trip better. We were smashing apples in resident hall
and running down like crazy chicks! Oh well, I didn't want
her first E trip to be bad! We got in shit for the apples,
but it was sooooooo worth it! lol!

K, I'm out y'all! Got nothing interesting to say anymore!