* Karlie *

2001-10-29 06:18:14 (UTC)


So anyway right after my last entry I went over to georges
and he was really nice... we did nothing except watch a
movie and david and christina were over but that was cool I
guess and george did make an effort to try and cheer me up
because he knows that I havent been feeling well and he
asked me several times if there was something else wrong
but I just keep saying no there wasnt.... I mean what was I
going to say: Oh yeh well I think Im an obese pig who cant
think about anything but her weight and who ends up crying
every night over nothing? Yeh I dont think so! And then I
got online and he was on and he sent me a song from office
space and that really showed he cared so I thanked him and
told him that made my night and he said that me going over
there made his night!!! So that was really nice of him
too.... sometimes hes just too goddamn nice! *sigh* well I
just dont know what to do... but anyway Im going to bed.
I'll write later!