shifting mists
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2001-10-29 06:16:31 (UTC)

redefining reality ...

... i am so relieved that i was able to express my worries
and concerns and mind and feelings instead of having to
wait an entire week more before talking with him about
these issues .... i know there will be a LoT more
talking ... a lot of learning ... a lot of communication
and effort on both sides to understand things as they come
up and happen .... i'm glad that we could talk about this
together .... that we could start this journey now with the
understanding needed to make it be a journey we can travel
hand in hand ...

... *taking a deep breath and letting it out nice and
slow ... smiling softly* ... it is aMaZinG how much better
i feel after having talked to him about all of this ... how
much tension and pressure has been lifted from me ...

... i feel so much **better** ...

Relieving the Pressure