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2001-03-15 19:16:26 (UTC)

1st Diary Entry --as Written on..

1st Diary Entry --as Written on October 22,1995 @ 5 PM.

Sister Gore (from the CHurch) Gave me this jornal for my
birthday. She's my "YOUNG WOMAN'S" Class President.
Some times I feel so Depressed because of little things
that happens all the time that after awhile makes one big
problem. Like for example, almost every young woman has got
a really close friend in church and I have noone- no little
group to hang out with, Rebecca's alright but sometimes it
feels like she's just a little too stuck-up.
This past weekend I've spent with my sister Lisa, I
really look up to and respect my sister a lot.
Today's my neace's Birthday her name is Katelyn Marianne
and She is 3.

2nd Diary Entry--as Written on Monday October 23,1995 @ 5 PM

Well I spent the night at my sister's again last night
sense I didn't have school today. My little Nephew Bradley
is in trouble for not doing well in school today. He's Six
years old and very hyper. I've got to go home tonight I've
got homework due tommorrow that I haven't even bothered to
look at yet. I wish my mom would hurry up I mean I Love it
here very much but I've got school tommorrow and homework
to do here comes my mom know bye!
Opps, thats not my mom--but I still got to go!!!

Peace out!

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