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2001-10-29 06:10:52 (UTC)


k, rockin, im writting a journal, its been a while. yeah,
so the weekend was alright. nick's/palace park on fri.
that was rockin. tied for 2nd place with david. beat a
certain someone DESPITE the constant help from the official
score keeper..ahem ahem..names won't be mentioned.
*ahem*SOK*ahem* Anyways, saturday, I went to UCSB, checked
out the school and whatnot. It was alright, except I had
to wake up at 530. The drive up was decent, cuz i fell
asleep, and it only took 2.5 to get up there. But on the
way back, it took like 4 hours, and I didn't fall asleep
so, that was bummin. Got back at 7, jammed at home til
like 10, and snaked on over to watkins' house. Heck yeah,
woke up at 1140, or so, and it was so great, went outdoors
ONCE. To play ping pong. We spent most of the day inside
playin on the comp and watching tv. What an ass lazy
day. Yesss...reminded me of summer, lack of
responsibility and the need to do anything but sit in a
room and chill out. Bleugh, too bad I must go to school
tommorow, and then for 5 full days...Halloween is on
wednesday, and HC is on saturday. GAH, I have to get some
nice looking clothes for it, considering I have no snazzy
clothes or anything. And like a corsage. It sucks not
knowing what you're doing, first formal(ish) dance. Yeah,
anyway, I had lots of test last week, math, spanish, chem
tests. Math, eh, I might have done okay. Spanish, good
luck to me, I can hope. Chem...well, basically, I full on
failed. No joke, totally know I failed it, massively. Ah
whatever, and then my dad will gank my car once he gets my
progress reports, because I dont have like straight A's.
What-ever. I'll just sit at home for 6 weeks, and
hopefully bring my grades up, although I think these tests
just screwed me into the ground...So, I'll be a pedestrian
for life. Unless my mom gets me a 4Runner or
something..Right, that will happen.

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