Damsel in Distress

2001-10-29 05:56:18 (UTC)

The Way You Feel About Me (created 05/13/01)

you may not like me
like you ever tried
you cannot understand me
like you ever wanted to
you do not listen to me
which you never will
you do not care for me
care is not in your emotions
you think the only dumb one is me
like you could ever have faith
you denied me
responsibility of me is not one of your goals
you cannot respect me
my beliefs are worthless to you
you disreguarded the individual that makes me
the fact i am my own person gets to you
you decline to acknowledge the intelligence that makes me
always you assume i am a dumb girl
you cannot recognize the person tht is me
the self-discipline, intelligence, will, dedication,
creativity, beliefs, opinions, theories, and originality
are my personal influences that you cannot recognize me as
a strong and independent individual.