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2001-10-29 05:54:53 (UTC)

dunno wat to say.....

Dear Diary,
Hey.low!!! It's meeh again. I knoe dat I haven't written in
quite awhile now, but it's juss coz I haven't had much time
lately. I've had soo much things to do and stuff on my mind
dat have occupied all of my time. Well lots of things have
changed from da last time dat I have written. Imma tell u
some of them. Well one of my really close fwens named Jen
got wit one of my ex's named Chris. I mean I did only go
out wit him for 3 days so imma kewl wit da fact dat they r
together. Da thing is I honestly think dat she could do
better. No offense to Chris though. But if they want to be
together then imma be able to accept dat. Another thing is
dat I don't like my best fwen's cousin n/e more. I've moved
on finally. It all started at my school's welcome dance. It
was a dance dat not many ppl attended since da dance rules
got really strict. I still went coz my best fwen wanted
meeh to go wit her so dat she could meet up wit dis one
guy. Well not many ppl were there yet and it was already
like 8:30. N/e how one of my fwens had to go to dis dance
coz she's in ASB and so she had to work there. She has dis
really close guy fwen of hers dat went. He is soo cute. Da
thing is I didn't like him at da time coz I was still kinda
into my fwen's cousin, but not n/e more. U see since my
fwen who's in ASB had to work she told her guy fwen and
meeh to hang out since my best fwen dat I went wit left
meeh to hang out wit da guy dat she was suppose to meet.
Its all good though. I thought dat I was gonna have a bad
time at da dance, but towards da middle of da dance it was
actually kinda fun. I liked hanging out wit dat one guy. He
was fun to be around wit and he's really sweet. Dat nite
was when I realized how much I liked him. I couldn't stop
thinkin bout him from then on. I told my best fwen bout it.
Then dats when things started to change. My fwen and da guy
she was suppose to meet hooked up and r now together and da
guy dat I like well lets juss say da gurl dat said for meeh
and him to hang out at da dance since she had to work is
mad at meeh now. She found out dat I like him and isn't
happy bout it. Oh ya well for da recent stuff bout all dis
lets say its kinda weird. U see on Friday, October 26,
2001, my best fwen and I went to da Cerritos mall wit her
boo. It was awkward since I was da third wheel. I mean i've
never been da third wheel before. Well we went to da mall
so dat she could get her shoes for homecoming, which is
tonite,in case ur wonderin. Well after da mall we were to
go to da homecoming football game. We did go. But before
all dat, u knoe dat one guy who was at da dance dat I like,
well I wanted to knoe if he was gonna go. I told her to
call him and ask him if he was gonna go and he said yes. I
was soo happy when I found out he was gonna go. We went to
da game and I saw him. We hung out most of da nite. I juss
like bein around him. He's so special to meeh. Well at
first it was like my fwens and I wit him, but later on we
left my fwens and juss hung out together. We talked and at
times he would put his arms around meeh. It felt soo good.
Well u see I did before kinda tell him dat I like him so it
was a bit awkward, but after awhile it wasn't. I even told
him again dat nite how I felt bout him. He was kewl wit it.
He even told meeh dat he liked meeh too. We stayed after da
game for awhile and juss hung out and talked. His arms
would be around meeh and I would have my arms around him as
well. I wouldn't change dat nite for n/e thing. When he
would hold on to meeh and kiss meeh in da cheek, I felt
like I was in heaven. I heard dat he was a player and I
confronted him bout dat and he said he wasn't. he told meeh
bout his life and I knew then dat he was really a nice guy.
I liked him even more from dat moment. When I asked him if
we would ever hook up he was like ya. I told him dat I
wanted to be wit him and he told meeh da same thing. He's
juss soo sweet. Well after dat I asked him if we were juss
fwens ryte now and he said yes. I was kinda upset, but then
later on I asked him again and I was like I wanna be wit u
and he was like so do I and then he said we were together.
He said dat we were a couple now. I really hope dat I
understood him correctly. Dat was a nite dat I will never
forget. All I could do ryte now is think bout him. I juss
wish dat he was here wit meeh ryte now. He's my everything.
Well imma write more later on. Until next time.