No Use For A Diary
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2001-10-29 05:50:01 (UTC)


Today is my birthday. Well, not actually. But i'm
guessing that this thingy goes off of east coast time...and
technically on the east coast, it's my birthday. I'm gonna
be 19 in a few hours.
Tomorrow is going to be kinda sad because Zack always said
he was going to take me out for my birthday and do
something big for me...because of what I did for him which
is, let's face it, totally disgusting and degrading...but I
did it because I thought it would make him like me. I was
thinking about this...maybe i'm not so pure...but I think
my intentions are...like for Zack, my intentions were
pure...I just wanted him to be happy. I was completely
selfless and did whatever he wanted me to because I thought
he would appreciate having someone in his life who wasn't
judging him all the time. I was wrong because he didn't
appreciate me. Actually, he told me how worthless I was at
every chance he got.
more later...gotta get boozed up to forget how mean he was
to me.
Love, Peace and Chicken Grease,