Damsel in Distress

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2001-10-29 05:46:59 (UTC)

The American Dream (created 05/06/01)

the idea of a white picket-fence
the flag waving in the air
the pride of each citizen
as they recite the pledge of alligence
everyone celebrating their individual freedom
loving their constitutional rights

now the picket fence is being bulldosed
the flag is being burned in the air
the citizens against the government
as they rebel against the president
everyone realizes they have no freedom
disliking the lack of hidden government knowledge

the american dream is an illusion
a pose for a camera rather than actual content
the flag is a symbol for lies
the government a symbol of distrust
the citizen a symbol of government control
the american people a symbol of conformity
the american dream a symbol of false appearances in which
everyone has been raised...
and the president is the biggest fool of all.

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