Borrowed Light
2001-10-29 05:14:11 (UTC)

Borrowed Light

well i read this book "borrowed light" by anne fienberg a
little while ago and it gave me a theory that really
applies to the world..here it is like i promised it.

The stars in the sky as you know shine very brightly,
enough for us to see them hundreds of miles away. They all
contain spectacular amounts of energy. The moon also shines
very brightly, enough to light a dark night, but what most
people dont know is the moon has none of its own light. It
reflects all the light of the stars around it onto the
world, it has the same affect as holding a mirror up to the

well the worlds people can be determined into two
groups..moons and stars or planets. the moons of the world
are reflections of everyone around them. they are what
people want to see, therefore they stand out, but not
because they are themselves. Moons can appear weak or
strong (like the moon in the sky eg. crescent moon-full
moon)depending on the angle it is facing the world. The
angle is determined by how much they are really facing the
world, how much of themselves they are revealing. Some
people are permanent full moons, shining light on to
everyone around them all the time. Sometimes so much so
they can even be mistaken for stars, yet like all moons
they are always borrowing light always conforming. Others
are like crescent moons shining enough light onto other
people to be noticed but they are usually really passive
people. Others are the smallest streak of the moon you
could see, reflecting next to no light, but still
conforming to everyone around them, still trying to make
everyone else happy. They are usually depressed or really
weak people.

Stars on the other hand shine brightly and radiate thier
own special energy, they make thier own way in the world
and dont conform to other peoples ways. Like every planet
in the sky, each star has it's own set of moons. Stars are
usually happy outgoing people. Assertive and even sometimes
aggressive. Stars can be seen in many different ways,
because it depends on how each individual uses thier light.
It can be used for good to help others, or for bad to rebel
and hurt others. It all depends...also usually thier is
only one star in each house because more can be
overbearing, and when a star is around people usually just
sit back and let them run the show. all arguments are
usually between two stars...my mum is the star of my house
for sure.

well there is my little philosophy for you..it really does
work. the first thing i do when i meet someone is determine
whether they are a star or moon.

hmm well here is a few of my classifications for you..

beck- crescent moon, wants to be accepted, always does and
wears what she thinks people like. can shine some light but
is usually too busy borrowing.

joe- 3/4 moon, likes to be accepted, but always makes other
people smile.

ben- star, doesnt care to much what people think. totally

corey- a full moon of the best kind. pretty individual and
doesnt show his emotions most of the time. if i didnt know
him better would mistake him for a star..but he hides the
true him to much.

ash- hmm dont know him well enough, but could be a star, he
acts like he doesnt care what people think, but i dont know
if its just an act or not yet.

jen- half moon, she has her ups and downs, as she is right
in the middle. sometimes she's so happy, but she is very
vulnerable. wants to be loved and have affection, although
she is smart lets her feelings and other peoples opinions
get in the way.

me...hmm its hard to classify yourself totally, i think one
day i'll let someoen else do that for me. i have never been
able to explain this in words so if your reading this you
are the first person i know to hear my theory...i wonder if
anyone else can understand it!

well i hope at least some people do understand this...


hmm my last quote still applies for today