Damsel in Distress

2001-10-29 05:07:26 (UTC)

Why do I have to live up to everyone else's standards?

Well, another day of hell. I woke up and started writing
more poetry and thoughts. I am very intelligent for my age.
I have accepted the responsibilities of an adult, why am i
not treated like an adult? i finished high school a year
early, and i am now in college passing all my courses.
unfortunately, i live at home with my parents, and i get
treated like i am 12 years old. i have grown up a moral
person. i am very logical and, i carry a lot of knowledge.
it seems like yesterday when i would go to the library
every day and read 1 books a day, but i am not in
kindergarden nor am i in elementry or middle school. i am
not even in high school. what really gets me is how parents
put so much regulation on their children, and when the
children hit 18 then they are adults and can do what they
want. children have so much regulation on them that it is
like how will they survive in the "real" world if they are
not even given the chances to experience it while being
able to fall back home? i really think i should be allowed
to experience things myself and make my own mistakes.

i fell in love recently, and this has nothing to do with
parental regulation. my parents regulate the dumbest
things. i really do love him, and we have so much of the
same goals. i am not going to become super klingy and say
that one day we will be married like some girls who are
naive, but you never know what is going to happen. of
course, it is a great idea to keep an open mind, but to
assume or wish to get married at my age is a bad thought. i
plan on finishing school and my double major. i just cannot
stand everyone judging me like my parents, fellow students,
and ex-friends. i am going to try to stay true to my wishes
and goals, but until i can move out on my own; i am stuck
living a possible lie.
-damsel in distress