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2001-10-29 05:04:48 (UTC)

This Tracy-Fritz thing

Maybe it's better to not think about it. To ignore it. Perhaps I can let it
sink in if I stop paying attention to it. But it's so obvious. It's out there. It
is a part of the social dynamic. What is the problem? Is it that difficult to
see them happy together? Do you feel like you "lost"? Is it just sour
grapes? Yeah. Partly. Look, you have to face it. Fritz did not have
feelings for you. He did have those feelings for Tracy. Why shouldn't
they enjoy their interest in eachother. It doesn't make you a less
desirable person. I don't understand why this weighs so heavily on your
self-concept. Meeting Fritz didn't change how cool you were. You are
still cool. You are together. You are still a confident and powerful
woman no matter who may or may not be romantically interested in you.
when you see them being affectionate with each other, you have to fight
those insecure feelings of inadequacy, because they are a product of low
self-esteem and can quicky digress into self-pity. And that gets you
nowhere. Nowhere. So suck it up. Suck life up and deal with it.
and eat healthy, goddammit!

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