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2001-10-29 04:56:17 (UTC)

Another Change in Plans and...

Originally I was going to put secret poems in the book for
something extra but after looking at the book and all of
the writing I have done in the last month and a half I've
decided to put 50 poems in the collection.
Now it's all done. The complete list is here and it's
posted on my site with previews of 5 of them. Pleased
don't be afraid to vote on there. I really want to know
which one your favorite is.
But the collection is done. As you can see there are a lot
of poems there. Each one has notes on it as well. Which
is cool.
I'm pleased with myself. I've accomplished quite a bit in
only a few short months. Now begins the dubious process of
shopping for an e publisher. But that will take a back
seat for the moment as I have mid terms and bed to look
forward to. You all have a good week or two.
I'll be back.
Look for the About the Author section to be up this week as
talk to you all in a while.

The Mad Scientist

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