A new story to tell
2001-10-29 04:51:42 (UTC)

I've come to realize

I think I'm happy again. Not everybody hates me--just not
everybody likes me. I'm good at somethings- I'm mediocre at
plenty of things. i'm well rounded, a little too well
rounded. Getting worn away, but that's okay. I've come to
realize that clowns are sad people with bright make up on.
I don't wanna be like them, I wanna be like you. 2 words,
or three words, or a million words. what's the differance?
Our hearts are all hard. We're all so fragile. I'm a little
delicate. We're all so full of life. We're all starving for
attention. the curious is the one who needs friends,the one
who needs media. love equals beliving in the right now, the
little moments. i'm into forgiving. unique is beautiful. i
need a side kick. i could be the little super man. i hate
mathe. the people who tell you that you use math in
everything are math teachers. they use it everu day, but
most people don't use Calulus on their job. I like to yell
lud. I hope to be an inspiration. i wanna be a mentour. i
wanna make people learn the ways of life, and how to make
it less cruel. if we'd all accept each other, ther's be
less hatred. there are no ruels to life, except.. if you
wanan be heard, you gotta yell louder than everybody else.
words don't do justice, all they do is prevent me from
expressing what i feel, cause words do no good, they serve
my emotions no justice. the larger scale of things looks
vrighter. earth is just a line you wait in until you get to