Procrastination is Key
2001-10-29 03:39:32 (UTC)

sunday night

another weekend come and gone. Luckily I actually did SOME
work, but I didn't really have all that much anyway:-p This
weekend was pretty nice b/c my roomie stayed so we did some
stuff together, like shopped! I also worked on a Habitat for
Humanity house, I learned how to put up vinyl siding- its
not really that hard:-p I was up on scaffolding- not that
high i assure you- hammering and measuring and just having a
good old time with some people i met;-)It was dang
cold and I had to get up at 5:45 (AM!), but worth it I would
say. So this week is Halloween(haha- didn't know that did
ya:-p), and the big celebration on Franklin St- SO I need to
find somebody to go out with! My poor roomie has a test on
thur so she can't go with me:-(
I was sad for a friend this weekend- that was the only
downside- I guess he is alright though. Oh yes and there
was mass confusion in the life of another friend.
So my birthday is quickly approaching!! It really isn't that
big of a deal though I don't think- its not a huge
milestone- just not gonna be a teenager anymore, wow I am
old:-p Since I won't be venturing home til thanksgiving my
parents are going to come up around my birthday and take me
to dinner- which is always nice- and some friends (i hope)
will be coming too! I am looking very forward to seeing
them- i can't even remember when i saw kat last! do you?
So saddness- Yankees are losing the Series- but I am not
counting them out yet- b/c the Yanks rock and they can
definitely pull it out!
I guess that is all- nothing major going on with me- think I
might go to bed kinda early tonight:-p