2001-10-29 03:26:39 (UTC)

A boring day

What a boring day today has been. I wanted to sleep in
today but no, the roomates make so much noise some mournings
and well it pretty much sucked. I really am thinking about
going to bed early tonight though. like really early.
I thought about tracy a lot today. Like just stupid stuff
about her and i wondered if she was going to call tonight.
And we were all sitting around the kitchen table and the
phone rang, it was her. she sounded horrible though. I guess
she just keeps getting sicker, which really sucks. And she
had to work that 3rd shift again tonight. how someone could
work that i dont really understand. sometimes i just think
that she is not like a person who shows how she is feeling
like she comes off very laid back and not like anything is
ever on her mind. which isnt always the best thing for me
because i think i am just so sensitive of a person that i
need to be with soemone who is very caring and always
showing what they are feeling like i do. its the moments
when she does say things though and lets a little slip
through her, thats when i know that i really could like this
girl. and well i know that i really do. i guess im just
kinda scared.
so we couldnt hang out tonight and well we cant tomorow
either. she has so much stuff on mondays its crazy, but her
radio show is tomorow night and i kind of want to listen to
it because it shows a little more about her.
she asked me, "we were supposed to go out tonight?" and i
didnt really like the way she said it, she said she couldnt
remember. i didnt liek that either. like her life is so
crazy all the time and she cant manage her time at all. its
like i would be last again and i dont want that. so i said,
well i dont think so and was a little quiet. she tried to
explain that she didnt mean it in a ignorant way she just
felt so bad that she could have forgot or something, and i
really do think that is how she is. so i didnt say much, i
waited for her to say something and she did. she said well
what about this week, what are you doing? and we said
tuesday we will do something. which works out really good
because tuesday kara and lisa are going to go to western and
well who knows where tiff will be so the apartment will
pretty much be to myself. i want her to sleep here. i want
to spend a night with her. not necesarrily to do anything
just to sleep and see how it is.
so im waiting till tuesday and it will be on my mind all
day tomorow. shes always on my mind.