crystals short and sweet
2001-10-29 03:15:00 (UTC)

You have received a message!..

You have received a message!
well then, let me ask u this deep philisophical question :

if shit happens, is it really shit????

and i answer:
in my religious terms:

no, for you see, the shit you preserve is the shit that
produces flowers, vegetables, and fruits, that, my
friend... is no shit at all.. it is life:)

haha thats me and gavin having one of our non-sensicle
conversations again :)
so yeah I am 'new' to this diary thing, kinda, not really
cause i do keep a journal on line, and plenty off line..
but i neeeded one for a palce kinda where i can vent..go to
personally and just write my inner feelings, my
thoughts..kinda my life in a little box! I wont say much
now, I just got back from coffee with a bunch of people, it
was fun, goin partying at Matts house this saturday that`ll
be a great ol time. Until then, its werk werk werk, and
maybe adam adam adam! I hope :) hahah..I shoulda threw hope
hope hope in there, but naww..well, I did anyways...aghh
peace out