daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-10-29 03:01:50 (UTC)

My Weekend

Well, my weekend, which I shall say began Friday
night, has been no less than eventful. I slaved for two
hours making fudge, which delightfully delighted all who
tried it. However, I must say that it wasn't nearly as
good as Mom's. A and I strolled over to the fitting room
to have which turned out to be an hour-long break. I have
never before indulged in such a display of laziness, but I
needed it that night. I couldn't escape the teasing about
Prince Doofus.

Embarassing incident: PD was on a ladder in menswear
and Steph told him that if he needed new shoes that I was
working tonight. I was told that his response was to turn
bright red and say, "Do want me to get fired?" Steph said
that she didn't, and that she just teases him. I don't
know what took place after that because my head was in my
hands covering my embarassment. I can't even exchange
pleasantries with him without thinking about teasing and if
the supposed rumours are true. I'm still in doubt, despite
the previous entry.

Saturday I was supposed to attend C in Sporting Goods'
Halloween costume party. I didn't go because I couldn't
find a prom dress. The KISS project was abandoned long
ago, by the way. I've decided to be Carrie instead. That
is, if I ever find the materials to do so. I went instead
to the State Bar and Frank-n-Steins with Miss Liza Bean and
her quasi-boyfriend and roommate. I had an ok time, even
though I didn't know anyone and I looked stupid. (I fixed
my hair and went as either Lori from "That 70's Show" or
one of the brunette Charlie's Angels. From the looks of
me, I could've been either one.) I'd never been in a bar
before. It's not an experience I'd really care to repeat.
I've learned that I am not a pub person. Perhaps if I knew
and liked the patrons, and they were on the same wavelength
as me, I might enjoy myself. I did get free beer, though.
That's always a plus. I learned that The Schaefers are a
cool local ska band as well; much better than Spaghetty,
who mostly did crappy covers. I'm glad I went, though. It
got me out of the house on a Saturday night.

Now for the meat and potatoes... My mom took M, J,
and I out for dinner tonight. On the way home, Mom stopped
at the grocery. She and J went in while M and I waited.
Well, when they returned they were obviously upset. They
had seen my dad with some bleached blonde slut. He had
obviously been surprised to see them, and did a bad job of
covering for himself. Asshole. He also is going to try
and take away the house from Mom. He's just being a
complete bastard to her. It's all about financial
bullshit. He's a greedy anal bastard that won't leave her
alone and constantly verbally abuses her. And he thinks
he's always in the right. Most of the time I just hate him
any more. I don't think I even want to talk to him, but I
have to.

On another note, it's the Moronic Marvel's birthday
today. He is turning 20. I wish I could give him the kind
of present he deserves...a punch in the nose and a kick in
the groin, followed by a tirade of just what I think of him.

One of the few nice points of today: I got to chat
with Kris. I did yesterday as well. I wish I could meet
him. It's too bad he lives in the UK.

I'm trying not to cry; the three of them are in here.
I'll write the rest of the Josh story tomorrow. At least
Space Ghost is on tonight; I may get a chance at some
laughter. Until tomorrow I remain riding the rollercoaster
of life, and as always,