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2001-10-28 23:37:51 (UTC)

I'm sick this week - drugster are shown as enemy

Since rainy days at city I get some cold or another disease.
Other known people of neighbourhood are with pneumo ill.
It is true without a pet or five human relationship we could
get sick.
My friends are so far from me. They are addicted in outside
street. Some drugster are the enemy. That was the reason
they wanted me apart from friends.
May be I make something to solve this or show myself as are
I. It can show why nothing in earth can be better than get
me as friend. I'd known love for twenty years and know what
really minds. God is Love. Hate is what I get when my
friends are betrayed. Drugster sell dreams for people and
steal the future. They don't kill in most case but hurt.
Today is my day number one. I am tired of not being myself.