A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-10-29 02:09:51 (UTC)



well i went 2 scarowinds last night..and i dont recomend
it. it scared the crap outta me! these freaks dressed up
like monsters and psychopaths like get all up in ur face
and stuff and follow u around the park..Blood Bath Bayou
was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO scary!!!!!!!!!!! haha..and jason and
jonathon got those dudes dressed up (monster ppl) 2 scare
the crap out of me *n* mandy 3x in a row! haha then i spent
the night with mandy and today we slept kinda late and we
went 2 the mall and then we played tennis 4 like 2 1/2
hourz! well gotta go!