My Life Story
2001-10-29 02:08:40 (UTC)


I just had this huge arguement with my mom about how I
think it's completely unfair how many chores my praents
make me do. It's not like they just ask me to help out
every once in awhile. No. I do ALL the cooking, grocery
shopping, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and in 2 weeks I'll
be doing all the laundry. That leaves my parents
doing....NOTHING!! I told her that here I am, a 16 year old
kid, taking a decent number of pretty tough classes at
school, involved in a lot of extra cirriculars, not to
mention having a social life and then I've got my parents
treating me as their own little slave. It's like I'm a
goddamn real-life Cinderella. I hate it. I'm hardly ever
home, but when I am it feels like all I do is work. (With
the exception of sleep) Ok, anyways....I guess I just
really needed to get that off my chest. It just really
bothers me.