lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-10-29 02:03:52 (UTC)

"you do that a lot"

ahh. i've done it twice. if you know what i'm talking
about, then you know. it's not a bad thing (don't worry!)
ahh maybe i can talk about this w/o talking about it...ya

ok so the worst part is that i even told him that. i even
said how i chose very carefully who to tell things to and
that he was the second person ever. which is true. ahh.
ya gotta go and make everything soo significant, don't you,

so i was already freaked over that because it reminded me
of those really bad nights where i just wanted to beat
someone cuz yeah it was a bad experience. we've all had
those days.

and then today i realized 2 things:

1) my plan failed BUT not of my own accord...all
coincidence, which ticks me off

2) i am the meanest person ever. i seriously don't think
there could be someone with more evil intentions toward a
single person. ahh why am i so mean? i've been trying to
be nice about it all and not hold a grudge but somehow i
still do and the whole angry thing kicks in & i hate
it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i am REALLY frustrated right now!!!