...ThE UnSeEn SiDe...
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2001-10-29 02:03:16 (UTC)


i'm not quite sure of where i want to begin this, but i
thought to put into words these thoughts that have been
clouding up my mind lately. so, here goes... i like you.
yeah, it sounds silly to read, it sounds silly to say,
believe me. i don't even think i know what i mean by it
really. i guess i just wanted to try to make some sort of
sense of all this. i just wanted you to know that from the
first day i saw you, i knew there was something about you
that i found interesting. that is pretty vague, i know, but
it was just some sort of immediate attraction that i guess
never went away. i never bothered pursuing it because i
knew you would never reciprocate my feelings. but i don't
care anymore. i am throwing caution to the wind and
spilling my heart openly, regardless of rejection. i just
think we would get along so well and we would have a lot in
common. i know you're not perfect, and neither am i my
dear, but i still wanted to maybe attempt some sort of a
relationship, friendship, or whatever it turns out to be. i
think you would like me if you knew me, and maybe i would
too. sex is stupid anyway, so, if you are not attracted to
me in that way, who cares. love my words, love that look on
my face or that tone in my voice. love my eyes as i gaze at
you. love something, anything, i don't care what, just give
me a chance to show you what i am made of. to know me is to
love me after all. and if something becomes of it, so be
it. and if nothing does, it's just as well. but give me
half a shot at making you happy and i promise i will. you
are dependent, i know that, and i guess in a stupid way i
am too. but everyone needs to be loved dear, even me, even
you. i don't think badly of you because of it. in all your
empty relationships you are longing for something, i know.
but if i can fill that void inside your heart, i will try,
and you would have to look no further. give yourself some
credit. you have so many great things to offer the right
person, yet you willingly fall for the first jerk you meet.
you are so beautiful. no doubt you have stolen the hearts
of many brainless assholes in this world. those who
mistreat you or don't appreciate you. but you know that i
will. i love to look at you, stand beside you. do you know
how you make me smile on the inside? and that is what i
want to do for you too. fixing you up with someone else was
just my plot to get closer to you. i'm not a lier, a
trickster. i just didn't think we would become close
otherwise. i didn't know what else i could offer. and those
times i waited for you, i thought about you all that day,
wanted to see you more than anything. but you never showed
up. you looked so amazing the day we went downtown, so
lovely. you speak of others, wish for others, think of
others. and i guess over the past few months i've given up,
but now i am trying one last time to somehow get to know
you. i know you will someday read this. you will come
across it on your own or someone will point it out to you.
and i know that you will know i am writing this for you.
and when you do, then make your first move. ask me out for
a drink, or to see a movie. be bold and daring as i am now.
just see what becomes of it, no strings attached. give me
that chance my dear. you won't be sorry.