A Crazy Persons Thoughts
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2001-10-29 01:23:40 (UTC)

Quoth the Raven: Nevermore

i know about 4 stanzas of that poem. out of 18. ouch, i've
got alot to go. danny is suposedly learning it too, though
he only has a couple down. i guess i can cut him some
slack. He learned the entire Cremation of Sam McGee in a
couple of days. Hell, he learned the entire Cremation of
Sam McGee.
Last night all of us were yet again talking about
relationships. Casey kept asking me who "looked good"
together besides him and kathy. we decided that jess and
jon gower are meant for each other. At first he was like,
'what about jess and danny?' and i said, i dont think so...
imagine that. they are more like brother and sister. Then
he said, 'what about you and danny :)' (... i really didn't
know what to say) i dont know about that... 'why not, you
guys get along so well'
truth is, i know we do.
but anywho (hick) my mom got my progress report. i dont know why she
was suprised. i told her about what coach said. you would think that
that might give her a clue. funny how i care more about what my coach
thinks than what my mom thinks. my mom just yells. it means nothing
anymore. i dont even really like her. and it pains me to say that, it
really does, but i cant help it. lately everything she does or says
gets on my nerves. i just dont even really want to be around her at
i just wish i could fast forward my life to where it's going to
matter. everyone keeps saying to enjoy being young. and i can totally
understand that. now all i have to do is ask mom for money, and it's
there. i know it will get harder and yea, i might wish to become
young again. But at the same time, my teen years haven't been all
that great. And when im older, yea, i will make mistakes, but i still
have a chance to start over.
And i've been thinking about what i want to do when i 'grow up'. What
if i just want to be a wife and a mother? is that so bad? lately i've
been thinking about getting a degree in buisness or something, and
that way i can use my skills in the home, and maybe volenteer work.
If i married a lawyer or a doctor or something, it would be better
for me to be a stay home mom. I would be a good wife. I would be a
good mother. I would devote myself to my husband and children.
or maybe this is just a phase. you never know when it comes to me.