Clouds n Sun
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2001-10-28 23:53:56 (UTC)

28 Oct 2001 5:44 pm

I am looking forward to someone reading this diary and
responding, just for the hell of it. Anyhow, about myself,
just in case someone actually does read this and is
curious, I'm twenty-six years old. I attended the
University of Kentucky, graduating in '97 with a BA in
English, which so far I have yet to find a use for other
than a wall decoration and a few short weeks spent
substitute teaching. I found out rather quickly that I'm
not the type of person to be around preteens. I have no
patience, lol. Anyhow, I'm drinking coffee right now and
feeling miserable because I have to be at work at 11 pm, in
5 hours or so. I work at Insteel in Hickman, Kentucky, a
town that doesn't even rate on the map really, except in
the minds of those who remember its glory days, which have
been over for at least fifty years-so you might say I was
born in a town that was already a cold cadaver. Anyhow, I
really hate my job. It's the kind of job anyone with a
strong back and weak mind would be satisfied with. Not
saying that I'm brilliant at all, which I'm not, just
saying that I am so disappointed about how my life turned
out, even though I suppose it's my own fault, but I feel
powerless to change it right now. I like to read and
write, I love learning new things and exchanging ideas with
other people-basically I suppose I like anything that gives
the mind a workout, and my job scores very low at that
task. I've kept a written journal for several years now,
but I lack discipline to go to it very often, or at least I
don't go to it often enough to please me, so I plan to try
this and see where it takes me. After all, "Writing is
mind traveling, destination unknown."

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