empty shadow

this is me get over it
2001-10-28 23:48:51 (UTC)

what the hell is the point (lack of sleep induced ramblings)

I went to a lock-in at kerry's chruch on friday. I got no
sleep. We watched movies and played sardines. YOu know the
game that is the opposite of hide-and-go-seek. It was
mildly entertaining.
I wrote my article for the paper in this rather delusional
state that I am in. I wonder what the Davis will think...
men are stupid...they should all go away. Cassie is
obsessed with the opposite sex. I couldn't really care
less. it's nice to have someone to lean on when you are
about to fall over at around 3 in the morning, but that
position can be fullfiled by either sex.
girls do nothing for me either. I have decided that I have
no hormones. I don't give a fuck if it's impossible. I'm
god so i get to decide. Whatever
I'm listening to Nickelback-how you remind me. YOu know
what really pisses me off? the fact that people decide that
they are better than you and then they cuss at you to make
you feel bad...or something like that...maybe i should rant