My life as Trick
2001-10-28 23:48:47 (UTC)

Les Miserables

As of 5:51am, my temperature is 99.2.


I don't feel like writing, but i don't feel like leaving the
house either.

So, in an effort to keep with my promise to keep this
journal updated, I'm sitting at my computer typing away with
a thermometer in my mouth.

Attractive, hunh?

I've been watching the house and the teenage boys of a
friend of mine for the last few days, and I now have a whole
new respect for what I put my parents through.

Jennifer had them about 1.5 years apart, and, even though
I'm young, they tax my energy as if I was in my 50s. The
boys are like my little brothers, and they can't even tell
me the truth about where they're going and what they're
doing. I have to watch over them pretty constantly, due to
problems that they had this past year that resulted in 3 or
4 overnight visits as guests of the county jail and $10,000
in laywer fees. Unfortunately, they're asleep when I leave
for work, and I'm at work when they get home from school.
This makes them pretty near impossible to keep up with.

They've managed to lie to me about almost everything they've
done so far, including, but not limited to, the chores
they've been assigned, the schoolwork they're supposed to
have done, and who they're hanging out with. Jennifer, of
course, thinks that I'm doing a stellar job because they
aren't in jail when she returns.

I'm thinking about putting tracking devices in their

And a shock collar on their belts.

I'll let you know how it turns out.