Joshin Jane

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2001-10-28 23:39:52 (UTC)


this is another one of those exhausted, overworked nights.
i came in at around 4:15l we could have easily been done by
oh yes, thursday night and you guessed correctly - the
not that i don't love watching chris and reiman wrestling
all over the office...
...and watching rohit freestyle on the strampoline...
....and mikey b telling seth that i wanted to cuddle...
....and jyeh and jon hiding advils in billy's cluckwich...'s just that my day was already shit and that if
wamiq had laid the smack down mikey b style we wouldn't
have spent fourteen hours there today.
the one highlight, at least, is that this issue is
even though we didn't get to proof the last few pages as
meticulously as we would have liked, wamiq gave me a lot of
stylistic leeway this week and we tried a lot of unusual
layout stuff.

it's around 4:30 now and i have two hours and fifteen
minutes to kill before mom picks me up and brings me home
to shower and change.
there's no point in sleeping for two hours and then waking
up groggy, right?

mmm, how much would i love it to be april 26th rather than
i could have driven myself home tonight.

[my thoughts are clearly disinegrating and making very
little sense....i fell asleep about 47 seconds after
writing that last phrase]