Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-10-28 23:36:49 (UTC)

Avoiding the Abyss: Stardate 10110.28

The following Entry is rated "MSMN" for "Might Swear, Might

Sometimes I wonder...I have
these periods of very happy, followed by periods of really
not...I sometimes wonder if I'm bi-polar...althogh I know
that I haven't let my feelings out in a really long time.
Of course, talking with home didn't make things any
better...sometimes it just doesn't help. Mom was in "I
have no time for you because I have too much to do in my
life" mode, and she let me know that my musings for doing
something on Friday night are headed straight to hell's
house...I might be able to plan something, but not what I'd
hoped. Come on universe...I want to be with my
little one!!! Give me a fucking break here!...I need a
bridge over troubled waters over here!
Things began to look up after watching "Unbreakable,
though...brilliant movie! I think this may be my answer
to "Fight Club"...a stunning movie with an incredible
premise that doesn't involve getting the shit beaten out of
everyone. And then there was dinner...all alone. That's
not unusual on weekends.

So, here I am to now...How are things looking up? Well,
I'm about to do homework. No, my friends, I am not on
crack - I just listened to "Byran Adams' song "Everything I
Do," and I remembered a promise I made to someone very
special to me - To keep up in my school work. I'll prolly
lose momentum after an hour or two, but that'll be and hour
or two out of the way...And hour or two closer to the end.
And that will make everything better...Hoping my wrists
don't destroy every hope of typing I have...

I'm somewhat glad I could set this log's sometimes
a pain in my bum, but it's very helpful. It helps me get
my feelings out, and it's good for my classes...what else
could I ask for?...other than an hour in the arms of my
beloved, and another hour with my parents to chat and