Crazy Thoughts
2001-10-28 23:11:10 (UTC)

Hey guys, I just got home from..

Hey guys,
I just got home from the mall not long ago. I am so tired,
Libby and Rachel came over last night and we went and saw a
weird movie and then partied. The movie we saw was K-Pax.
It was about some guy that was from space and
was "posessing" his friend one earth. Like I said, it was
really weird, and it's probably not a movie I'd see again
(sorry of your opinions vary from mine)I'm happy though
that Shrek is comming out on video because I plan on buying
it, it's one of my favortie movies, or maybe I'm just going
insane and not realizing it. Anyhow I love that movie.
I think Adam is mad at me because I haven't spoken to him
in a while and he hasn't e-mailed me lately or written in
his journal. I feel bad for the guy as it is, I need to
take him iceskating with my buddy Cody. I owe them because
they've been great friends to me and they need a break. I
also think Mary is mad at me because I IMed her and she
didn't talk to me, but I think that's because I forgot I
had my msn up last night when I was watching a movie, sorry
I have more to say about Rissa and Chris breaking up, but
I'll hold those thoughts till later.
ps-Hi my crackwhore, I got your message, lol!! (directed
towards Rachel da bitch that's messin in my hood-lol!!don't