the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-28 23:06:55 (UTC)


someone filled me with this wisdom and i thought i would
share with you meant so much to me that he
understood...this is exactly what was going through my mind
but i never would have had the words to express it......

you love well, and in abundance, but perhaps not as wisely
as you could. flirting is for the moment. not that it's
bad. i hope that my wife (should anyone ever be crazy
enough to assume that role) and i flirt all our lives. but
you have to look deeper than a wink and a smile. anyone can
wink and smile and catch your eye. but how do you look past
that and determine who's gonna rub your back when you're
stressed; listen to your day without judging or giving
advice; hold you without being told you need it; kiss you
and give you spontaneous gifts that say "this is the one i
adore". in other words, how do you find the guy who loves
with his mind as an act of will, rather than out of
response to a feeling (or a hormone). if you figure it out,
let me know. cause i think i'm still trying to solve that
riddle myself.

this opened up so many different outlooks and helped me to
relax..hopefully it has helped one of you as well

love you all