my book
2001-10-28 23:05:04 (UTC)


Maybe I should make this personal...there are somethings I
would like to write that would be embarassing if other
people read.

Did you ever want to do something so much and were unable
to do it? That is where I am right now. It is
frustrating...if you know what I mean. I need the
satisfaction that comes with the completion of the
experience-instead I am denied entierly. But I will just
keep going. There has to be another way to resolve the
problem, the tension just keeps building.

Right now I am sitting at my computer drinking wine and
hiding with the lights off. The reason for this....although
I bought candy to give to the neighborhood children (we
have trick or treating today for some odd reason) I prefer
to sit by the computer, saving the candy for myself.

As of now I am an attractive young woman with a nice body
if I do say so myself...but if I need to eat chocolate to
satisfy cravings soon I will be a blimp!

Such is life. Someday, someday I always say to myself as
that "someday" goes further into the future and becomes
seemingly more unattainable. Maybe this is what getting old
is all about. Is it possible to go through a mid-life
crisis at 22? Undoubtably so.

Well the wine glass is empty and the page is full. More
again soon.