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A Place For My Head
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2001-10-28 22:56:58 (UTC)

Oops... sorry

again... i'm busy... so i havent got the chance to write
properly in rather a long time!
but anywayz... there isnt anything i can do about it...
today i gotta be quick again, coz i have to do my French
homework and have to do some stuff to organise my beloved
my friend and my former crush broke up :( they made such a
beautiful couple... dont you just hate it when you like
someone really badly, and when you dont like them anymore,
things start turning somehow your way? it's awful!
ok... so... my life... nothing much really, i have been
going to dance rehearsals all the damn week! and to be
straight with you... i'm sick of it!
sorry! gotta go!
*~ Ana ~*