U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-10-28 22:29:40 (UTC)


HOLY SHIT! last night Iwent to this sweet 16 birthday
party, adn this guy was there, he looked italian,was tall,
had black hair, a nice tan, had on like a blue button shirt
and black pants and shoes, he was wearing dolce and gabbana
cologne, heehee
well guess who he hit on.........
the highlight of my weekend he's almost 18, he thinks I'm
16,lol (dammit Im only 14) he was the hottest guy ever,
EVER, he asked me for my number, but i said no, give me urs
he was sooooo interested in me, I felt really pretty lol
ohh yeah his name is even cute... kevin
he's so gorgeous, and out of all the girls there he choose
me, I kinda knew he liked me becuz I caught him staring at
me, then he asked me to dance alot, at first I told him
no,lol I was like I don't dance, but the second time i
actually looked at his face when he asked me and sorta
melted and said yes,hehe
then the other thing he did was soo funny, i was standing
at a table and someone was throwing candy at me, i was like
who is throwimg candy at me!! Ithought I was gonna have to
fight someone lol, but then I caught him and he just smiled
at me I was like i luv u,lol no I was jus thinking that heh
but any way I think I'm gonna call him, i dunno I'm almost
illegal HAHA
k well ttyl diary

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