Inside me
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2001-10-28 22:18:59 (UTC)

and sometimes people are nicer without their other friends around..

I can't believe she cares more about being cool with them
and the guys we met THAT NIGHT than about me...saying she
doesn't smoke in front of me because she's nice or
something....she knew that night my asthma was bad cause i
told her and i told her i didn't want people to smoke near
me..she says fuck all to the other ones and three people
are smoking in a fucking car with me in it...who don't give
a shit and don't bother to listen to me. Smokers, in my
opinion are very selfish people. I don't remember the last
time a smoker said "do you mind if i light up?" I DO
however remember the last time a friendship was ruined
cause of selfishness. Smoking is "cool" and I'm the
outcast because I don't involve myself in disgusting habits
that result in deteriorating bodies.