The life of a hellraiser
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2001-10-28 22:16:02 (UTC)

'Twas the Sunday before Halloween......

Well,I, for one, am glad that last week is done with and a
whole new one begins, robust with possibility. I am saying this
because last week was rather mundane, if I do say so myself. Last
Monday, I had entered school in an extremely cheerful mood that
reflects on the great time I had at the Homecoming dance, only to
disappoint myself once school had ended for the day. As I failed to
talk about in the last sentence, I had come into school for the day
expecting a lot more attention than I normally receive from anybody
who saw me having a great time at that dance. Boy am I a total idiot
to have thought that. To top it all off, I got tossed from the table
that I normally sat at for a while in Music Appreciation, not that I
didn't see it coming of course. Now I sit somewhere else all alone,
miserably,while all of the fun that I was once a part of goes on
without me. Now the only people who sit there are Gabrielle, Leah,
Mario(or Devon Hemsley), Andrew, and Brittany. Why can't Leah move?
Well, I think I already explained that earlier on, she would be sooo
upset because she won't be near her "best friend". The girl is
practically a leech when it comes to being around Andrew. When things
don't go the way she wants them to, she gets all pissed saying that
she ain't going to talk to him again. Grow up, just grow up, Leah! I
didn't get any of the attention that I had hoped to be getting from
most of the people all day in the school in ninth period Art III
only. Oh well, it's a start. Tuesday and Wednesday were average,
nothing out of the ordinary happened. Except for the fact that Mrs.
Priest wasn't in school for most of the week and our first period
class is so far behind in our work because we have no idea at all
about what or how we're supposed to do something new. I hope she
comes back soon. We need her to help us. Thursday was when things
started to get worse. Andrew and Mario have started talking about
going to Gloucester Catholic during music appreciation 3rd period
just so they could play baseball there. How stupid is that? Why
they're doing it, I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing they had
better be joking because if they do go, I'll be so depressed that
I'll miss them terribly. I have a feeling Andrew won't however
because his mom told him that if he wants to transfer there, that
he's going to transfer now because she won't let him transfer in
March like Mario was planning to do. I think the whole plan is stupid
and it'll backfire. I guess you could say that I don't want them to
go, that's because I don't. Knowing them, they'll probably be going
there because of the girls. How pathetic can you get? At lunch that
day, I was waiting in line and saw my friend, Ben talking to Chelsea
Beal and Kaitlin Schultz when I was about to say hi to him and maybe
do a little small talk. UGH! I don't have a problem with Kaitlin
Schultz, she's cool and Chelsea Beal, well, she's okay. It's just
strange that she's talking to him all of a sudden; it's actually
because she's one of Colleen's friend, so they've been talking
somewhat because he's going out with Colleen. I hope this
relationship doesn't last, though, since the time it ends, I'll be
able to talk to Ben a little bit more. It's like I'm suffering some
of the side effects of Ben withdrawal. It's really depressing,
though. On friday, one good thing did happen. Leah Kaithern wasn't in
school, so I was able to talk to Andrew for most of the period.
Andrew and Mario are still going on about that stupid Gloucester
Catholic plan they've got. I know it won't happen, but both of them
are just acting stupid because they've pulled this stunt before and
it backfired. Then they were talking about how they were going to
gather up some of their female friends and have sex with them that
night. I was included, but Mario had said that Andrew would have to
do me because he ain't got no girlfriend. Mario does, supposedly.
That's really starting to bug me because last year he didn't

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