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2001-10-28 21:58:21 (UTC)

It's the new....belle...and sebastian....

A girl on the B&S list I'm on, asked us to write our "how
we came to Belle and Sebastian" stories. Here's what I
posted on her site:
So, Lisa and her husband Lee are music obsessives. Yes,
indeed. And verily.
Until the summer of 2000, though, Lisa lived in a Belle-
less universe!
Waiting to discover them at the right moment, one supposes.
She was ambling
around her fave indie rekkid shop one fine June afternoon,
and noticed a
smattering of the coolest (due no doubt to the Smiths' like
quality of the
image) posters she'd ever seen, taking up the back dividing
wall of the
store. Little did she know, as she borrowed the store copy
to have a trial
listen on their headphones, those odd eyelinered gals and
the music they
were representin', would change her life... FYHCYWLAP
bloomed and trembled,
rose and fell in her eardrums, she was HOOKED. It's a bit
like falling in
love, she thought. She gave the big "thumbs up" to her
husband, and
purchased the cd.
She now had the "JONES" and she had it *bad*. She went back
the very next
day to spend untoward amounts on the 3 ep box, and
Sinister. She went
online to gather information (about S&M and Bible studies,
or B&S and twee
studies, not quite sure which cup o' tea it was), and found
the lovely realm
of the "cardie wearing , biscuit nibbling saddo bedroom
devotees!" At 33,
Lisa wasn't quite the usual lonely highschooler, but seeing
as how she'd
taught English all of her adult life, surely that counted
for something. The
literary references in the lyrics were alone enough to make
her melt. Who
were these "charming men (and women)," and why had their
music captivated
her so? Long past highschool, and more typically found
listening to the
likes of the Cocteau Twins or swirly goth music, Lisa found
her own way in.
The lyrical nods to her name were more than endearing. She
was in l*o*v*e*!
Still is. :)