Tainted Perception
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2001-10-28 21:46:00 (UTC)


I've been yawning non stop in the past few moments. I
aquired probaby about an hours sleep seperating yesterday
and today... and when I finally did get to sleep, the
others in the room got all pissy because I wasn't a quite
sleeper. Yes... I snore. But I have excuses... I mean... I
was suffering a cold, I was laying on the floor with a
freakin table cloth for a blanket, all submerged in
darkness... all alone... while my two best friends were off
keeping warm in make out frenzies. I think my jealous
subconciousness was calling out for attention...even though
the excessive noise pushed peaople away rather then attract
them to me. Was I the only one that didn't make out with
ANYONE last night?
The party was awesome, a yearly tradition of rebellion
against home comming- the dance favoring of the more
popular, more athletic company. Some punk bands played
through out the night, including Columbo, Slik willy... and
two others which I can't remember the name's of their
bands, but there was this kid named Adam that played guitar
for one of them, and we kept on screaming his name through
out their performance. Next year the fruit flies will join
the line up!
Before the party, amanda, sarah, and I sprayed our
stomaches with glow-in-the-dark spray as to say "no sex"...
but we wrote just "sex" and never finished. The whole point
was to spread the words that this was a no sex party. That
rule was broken several times by many people though...
I'm really tired. Exceedingly tired. I'm gonna go to
sleep...I think.

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