Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-10-28 21:18:09 (UTC)

Weird internet service....


I was just thinking to myself, what a weird service to
offer to those websurfers out there.....a free online
diary.?! What is the company's purpose in setting up a
site like this, how does it get any revenue....?

Since I set this up as public, I thought it would be cool
to experiment this with an audience. Be forewarned though,
this is going to be boring and probably full of technical
stuff that I have been thinking and/or working on at home.
But oh well, be on with it!!!

As an aside, I've been playing Quake II rather heavily as
of late. I really like the radiosity effect that the new
levels have, and it is a much more improved Quake than the
original Quake was....MUCH better! I've already played
Quake III, and know about its use of shaders and direct
lighting, seeing that they've moved away from radiosity,
but it would be cool to have them both in, wouldn't it? I
would think so.......