2001-10-28 21:09:37 (UTC)

*october 28 - movies + party*

the movies sucked for one reason...kyle wasnt there. i know
it probably sounds obsessive but its just that..i dunno. i
juss never get to see him, and hes moving soon and that
makes it even worse.

another reason the movie sucked though, was adam. he
wouldnt stop. he touched my ass, and during the movie he
was tryin to put his arm around me. my brother was there,
and his fren louis who apparently likes me. but i dont
care..hes not kyle. anyway jely and her bf dennis came too,
i felt seriously bad that kyle wasnt there, especially
durin the movie when dennis put his arm around her. im
happy for them, they make a great couple. but im allowed to
be jealous right?



as for the party,it was great. everyone was there, but the
band was a little overly obsessed with blink 182. alot of
what they said was directly from their live album. and most
of their songs were by blink, they played som nfg though,
and rancid but id never heard them before last night.
anyway, their original songs were way better. dammit
sounded kind of mechanical. but who am i to say? hes better
at guitar than ill prolly ever be. i want to be in a band..

me and jel dressed up as ravers, it was cool. i wore a red
tank and my brothers tan shorts, my hair in pigtails,
glowsticks and as many bracelets as i could fit on my
wrists. we put a ton of glitter on and around our eyes and
i wore shokiningly red lipstick. it was great i wish i
could dress like that all the time!

well i gotta go, talkin to kyle :P lets see if he actually
wants to reschedule...


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