A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-28 20:26:41 (UTC)

Get into the grove

Yea, so I like Madonna and the song just came on the
radio. I couldn't think of a better title, but it's kinda

Well, the picnic was yesterday, well, sorta...
Only one other person showed up. Oh well, can't blame me
for trying.

And then there was Rocky. I love being Riff. I had such a
blast!! T was there, of course. Didn't even acknowlege
his existance, except in character. It goes pretty well
and then....
While looking for my lazer gun, I come across the bottle we
use for the first elevator scene. It's one of those huge
plastic beer bottle banks. An idea comes to me.....
So I find my gun and get ready to do my big scene, the one
where I kill everyone, bottle in tow. Lisa (playing
Magenta) and I "drink" out of the bottle, fight over it
and "get drunk" while we are doing the scene. We stagger
down the isle, laughing, partialy real, we just couldn't
help it. The whole rest of the movie, we kept up the
drunken staggering and various other stuff. It was so much

Denny's after....
Should I get my hopes up? Probibly not. She wrote my e-
mail addy on her palm.

I love this song!! She-bop, by Cindy Lauper..... I need
to get my record player working!!!